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Zhongshan Towel Tube Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, China. It specializes in the research and development and production of intelligent disinfection products. Has been designated as a professional intelligent disinfection and drying of daily necessities. , Heating high-tech enterprises. The newly launched intelligent drum care dryer, intelligent underwear care machine, etc., have obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and passed CQC, CE, ROHS and other domestic and foreign certification systems. Patent No.: 5537085, 7294118, 8849461, 9965136

After continuous efforts, it has become a pioneer in the development of stable and mature technologies. As a pioneer and leader in the industry, it has overturned tradition with today's unique creativity and conquered more and more people. With the style of teamwork and continuous innovation, the towel butler equipment is constantly improving, gratitude, benefiting and giving back to the society, serving the company's development mission, professional, dedicated and dedicated to each customer.

In the future, as a health messenger, we will use a more honest and open spirit, a forward-looking attitude and a new voyage full of confidence, perseverance and pursuit to enable the "towel butler" to enter every family and deliver health to people. Bring the gospel.

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