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What should I do if the clothes dryer is broken?

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Clothes dryers are also commonly used appliances, which can be used for a long time and occasionally may malfunction. What are the common faults of the clothes dryer? How to repair it? Let’s introduce the technicians of the towel manager.

1. The clothes dryer does not rotate. The clothes dryer does not rotate. The motor is burnt out, the belt is loose, the power plug is loose, etc. The simplest solution is to replace the new motor and check whether the power plug is in good contact. If there are no problems, look at the belt and fuse until you find the real cause of the problem and repair the damaged parts.

2, the clothes dryer temperature is too high Touch the dryer by hand, found that the dryer temperature is too high, the reason may be the dryer blade reversal, the heating tube burned out. The correct way to do this is to change the motor's steering, then adjust the blades and replace the heating and heating tubes as needed.

3, the clothes dryer noise is large Dryer noise, has affected daily life, the most important thing is to find out the reasons. In general, the device is loose, the installation is unstable, the bearing loses oil, and the looseness of the bearing housing bolts is the cause of the noise of the clothes dryer. The correct treatment method is to stop the machine, tighten the loose parts, and reinstall according to the situation. , replacement of bearings, fixing bolts, etc.

4. Brake failure of the clothes dryer The main reason for the failure of the dryer brake is that the belt is seriously worn and needs to be replaced. When replacing, pay attention to the type of belt to be used.

The above is what the towel technician's technical staff introduced to you. The clothes dryer is broken. It mainly introduces four common fault repair methods. Have you learned it? For more information, please call us!

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