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How to maintain the clothes dryer, what are the methods?

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 How to maintain the dryer If the dryer often fails, it is necessary to think whether it is not properly maintained. And the towel manager's Xiaobian together to get the clothes dryer maintenance strategy

1. Reduce the impact of temperature. The dryer should not be used in places where the temperature is too high, because it will increase wear and increase energy consumption, and it will be accompanied by malfunction. Therefore, it is best to use the dryer in a room with a temperature of 20-30 degrees.

2. Reduce the impact of various types of corrosion. After the dryer enters the water, the internal parts are prone to rust, and the running speed of the parts becomes slower, which will affect the use. Therefore, the water inflow should be avoided, and the dryer should be rusted as little as possible. Also, be careful not to place too much acid and alkali on the side of the dryer.

3, pay attention to clean and maintain. The dryer should be cleaned regularly. Wipe the outer surface clean every time, then remove the debris from the pile collector, and then wipe the inner tube with a damp cloth. After cleaning, it is best to check the parts for looseness.

The above is how the towel dryer is introduced to the clothing dryer how to maintain and common methods, have you learned? For more information, please call us!

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