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What is the impact of the towel dryer efficiency?

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1, the size of the towel dryer heater power

The greater the heat power of the heater, the more heat energy is generated per unit time, the easier it is to dry the clothes. The most common heating methods for the dryer are electric heating, steam heating, gas heating, and the heat power is in unit time. The amount of heat generated in the electric heater is determined. The electric heater's electric power is determined. After the burner is sized and the gas type is determined, the heat generated per unit time is balanced. Electric heaters can generate 860 calories per kilowatt hour on average, and gas-fired dryers can produce 8600 calories from 1 cubic meter of natural gas. At present, the market is about 0.8 yuan, and one cubic meter of gas is 3 to 4 yuan. From the perspective of heat, the use of gas dryers is definitely cheaper than electric heating and steam heating. The heat generated by the steam heater is complicated, in addition to the steam heater tube and the heat sink surface, and also has a great relationship with the steam pressure and the air volume and temperature flowing through the heater. If the steam pressure is high, the temperature of the surface of the steam heater is high, and the amount of heat generated is large, and vice versa. Therefore, whether it is electric heating, steam heating or gas heating, the more the thermal energy generated per unit time, the higher the thermal power under the same conditions of the fan fan flow. When the heat power is high, the temperature of the air is high, which satisfies the three favorable conditions of rapid evaporation of water, and the higher the temperature, the more favorable the conditions for drying.

2. The load ratio and rotation speed of the towel dryer drum

The industry standard stipulates that the dryer load ratio is greater than 1:18. Under normal circumstances, the load ratio is 1:20 or higher, but in foreign or domestic garment washing industry, due to the particularity of use, there are also 1:25 and 1:30. It can be affirmed that under certain conditions, the same amount of clothes are dried. If the volume of the drum is larger, the drying speed is increased. In addition, the rotation speed of the drum will directly affect the uniformity of the laundry in the drum during the drying process. Sexuality, the more uniform the clothes are thrown under the premise of determining the volume of the drum, which means that the larger the exposed surface area of the water in the clothes, the more favorable the evaporation of moisture in the clothes. The excessively high and low speeds will affect the clothes. The uniformity, the speed is too high, the clothes will stick to the roller; the rotation speed is too low, the clothes will roll, which will affect the drying speed and heat utilization.

3, the towel dryer to dry the load of clothing

The load of clothes directly affects the moisture content of the clothes, and it also affects the uniformity of the clothes thrown in the drum. The clothes are loaded less, the moisture is less, and the drying is surely fast; on the other hand, the clothes are loaded less and dried. During the process, the surface area of the moisture in the clothes is large, and it is more favorable for increasing the drying speed. However, if the laundry load is too small, although the drying speed is fast, the heat energy loss rate is high. Therefore, considering the comprehensive energy consumption and drying speed, the laundry load of the dryer is generally reasonable from 50% to 80% of the approved drying capacity.

4. What is the variety and water content of the towel dryer?
The greater the moisture content of the laundry, the more heat is required to evaporate the water in the laundry. Due to the different textures or different loadings of the fabrics, the moisture content of the fabrics is still very different after dehydration by the same type of industrial washing machine or dehydrator. The moisture content of towels and clothes is very different, so the time to dry the towels and the time to dry the clothes are very different. Therefore, in order to shorten the drying time, it is particularly important to choose a washing machine with a high dehydration value, because the cost of evaporating one kilogram of water in the laundry is much greater than the one kilogram of water from the washing machine.

5, fan exhaust size and intake and exhaust
The fan is the most important heart component of the dryer. When the fan air volume is matched with the heater heat, the fan air volume is increased, the drying speed is faster. The air volume of the dryer is not only related to the ventilation volume of the fan itself, but also the entire exhaust pipe. Closely related, if conditions permit, it is better to set a separate exhaust duct for each dryer. However, if conditions require a single dryer to be discharged into the total exhaust duct, not only should each counter air outlet be provided with a counterflow plate, and the pipeline bends should be set to avoid a right angle, a smooth transition, and exhaust The direction is as uniform as possible to reduce windage. When the dryer is ventilated and ventilated, the drying speed is stable.

6. What is the sealing condition of the towel dryer?
The purpose of the sealing of the dryer is to let the fresh cold air coming in from the outside of the fan turn into hot air through the heat exchange of the heater, and then all the rollers enter the drum to heat the clothes containing moisture, and gradually evaporate and discharge the water in the clothes. If the body is not tightly sealed, not only some of the cold air leaks directly into the drum, but also a large part of the hot air is directly discharged from the dryer without passing through the clothes, which will cause waste of heat energy. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to judge the quality of the seal by observing the heater inlet vent, door seal, plush door, and the gap between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder. The dryer with good sealing and less air leakage has high efficiency and fast drying speed.

7, the operation of the trap
The trap is only suitable for the steam dryer. The main function of the trap is to discharge the condensed water in the pipeline. If the trap is not working properly, the steam will be wasted, or the drainage will be poor, causing water to accumulate in the heater and affecting the steam heating. The heat exchange efficiency of the device, which in turn affects the drying speed.

8, the ambient temperature is high or low
The higher the ambient temperature, the better the drying speed is improved. Under normal circumstances, the ambient temperature is one degree difference, and the drying speed can also reach 1%. Because the general laundry room has a temperature difference of 20 degrees or more in winter and summer, the summer dryer The drying speed is much faster and the steam is saved a lot.

9, the environmental humidity level
Humidity has a great influence on drying. The higher the humidity in the air, the more unfavorable the drying of clothes. Since most people neglect the influence of humidity on drying efficiency, the ironing machine or washing machine that generates a large amount of water vapor in the laundry equipment is often placed beside the dryer. As a result, the air in the dryer absorbs moisture, which seriously affects the air. The working efficiency of the dryer, in order to increase the drying speed, the dryer should be kept away from or separated from the equipment with large moisture such as the ironing machine.

10. What is the pressure inside the drying drum?
The lower the pressure inside the drum is, the more favorable the evaporation of water in the clothes. Generally, the difference between the intake air volume and the exhaust air volume of the dryer causes the pressure drop in the drum, which is commonly called negative pressure. The fan design, air inlet, exhaust vent, etc. cause the pressure inside the drum to be different. As a result, the drying speed is different, because the lower the ambient pressure at the same temperature, the easier the water will evaporate. Although the negative pressure is favorable for drying, the sealing performance of the dryer is high due to the high airtightness of the closed dryer, and the drying efficiency is certainly low.

11. The length of the steam pipe and the location of the boiler
The more the steam pipe is, the greater the heat loss, so the time of the dryer will be longer, the boiler will be far away from the water washing room, and the drying time will be longer.

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