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Washing clothes is not difficult, sterilization is more important

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Most of the cleaning work is aimed at removing stains. Whether it is washing clothes or washing sheets, as long as the surface is clean, we take it for granted that it is completely clean. In fact, bacteria that are invisible to the clothes are the killers of health hazards.

Therefore, we must put the work of sterilization and mites on the agenda, especially those who have babies or skin allergies at home, but also pay attention to the deep cleaning of clothes and bedding. A washing machine with a sterilizing function, a mites that shake out deep mites, and a purifier that efficiently removes bacteria can help.

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 Sun exposure, clothing, sterilization and washing machine to assist

When it comes to sterilization of clothes, most people may think of sun exposure, which can indeed play a certain bactericidal effect, but the dust brought by the wind will cause secondary pollution to the clothes. If it is exposed for a long time, it will also have clothes. Damaged. Therefore, a smart washing machine with its own sterilization function is very practical.

Aiyi intelligent drying and sterilization washing machine

The intelligent lifting rack comes with high-power UV germicidal lamp, which can also play a role in sterilization while drying the clothes, so that the clothes are deeply clean. In addition, it also has an automatic drying function, three times the natural wind drying speed to make the clothes dry quickly, and further reduce the possibility of bacterial growth.

The lifting design is convenient for hanging clothes, and it has the function of sterilization. When clothing is attacked by bacteria and mites, it can easily become an allergen to sensitive skin. This drying rack has a sterilization rate of 99.8%, which allows the clothes to be thoroughly cleaned while drying.

 In the bed that accompanied us to sleep every day, there are actually many bacterial mites hidden in the bed. The quilt cover can be cleaned frequently, but it can't be cleaned by the core, so it still can't be completely sterilized. However, in addition to the sputum instrument can help a lot, shocked out the deep bacteria of the earrings, let you sleep well.

In addition, it is also very important to pay attention to the air environment of the room. Even if the clothes are cleaned thoroughly, the air is filled with too many bacteria, which is a disadvantage. So hurry to put an air purifier at home, the air is clean and the possibility of breeding bacteria will be greatly reduced, and always enjoy health.

With these good things to kill and kill, you don't have to worry about whether you have Mengbao or skin allergies, and enjoy a clean and comfortable life anytime, anywhere!

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