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What are the main methods of disinfecting clothes?

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Generally, the clothes that the baby wants to wear need to be disinfected, because it can prevent the baby's skin from being harmed; and some people with skin diseases need to be disinfected frequently to avoid secondary infection. It is our normal person, the new clothes that are usually purchased, especially the underwear, should be disinfected before wearing. So, how to disinfect clothes?

1. From the perspective of health and safety, new clothes generally need to be disinfected before they can be worn. The purpose of disinfecting new clothes is mainly to remove the toxic and harmful substances on the clothes, instead of killing the germs on the clothes. Therefore, the disinfection of the new clothes can be done by soaking the harmful substances such as formaldehyde, usually with water. Wash it.

2. Water disinfection is an ancient and effective method to kill common viral bacteria and can be used to disinfect some high-temperature clothing. This method is suitable for disinfection in various situations, but the cost of large-scale disinfection is relatively high. You can put the clothes in the tub, then pour in the hot water to soak until it cools. If you are not sure about the disinfection method of boiling water soaking, you can put the clothes into the pot and boil them with boiling water. Generally, you can disinfect most of the bacterial viruses after cooking for 10 to 30 minutes. If extreme disinfection is also pursued, it can be sterilized with a pressure cooker or autoclave.

3. For family members with common diseases such as hemorrhoids, sputum and athlete's foot, their clothes should be thoroughly disinfected to prevent transmission to healthy family members and prevent the patient from recurring. If you are not afraid of trouble and the clothes are resistant to high temperature, use water to disinfect. Otherwise, use disinfectant to sterilize. Generally, use 84 disinfectant (more irritating and drifting ability) or drip disinfectant to wash, or use disinfectant iodophor. Wash (this may cause staining), soak for about 30 minutes. After washing, be sure to wash it repeatedly with water.

The best way to disinfect clothes is to wash, burn, and dry. These methods are simple and effective, so we can use this method when we usually disinfect clothes and bedding. However, it should be noted that if you want to achieve the purpose of disinfection by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, be sure to expose the clothes to the sun and do not expose to the sun on the balcony. This has no effect.

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