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Is it necessary to use laundry disinfectant? How to use it to be healthy?

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The relationship between bacteria and humans is interdependent and essential for human digestion and immune function. There is no absolute sterile environment in daily life. Humans and bacteria coexist for a long time, and only a small number of pathogenic bacteria are harmful to the human body, such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., which need to be removed with a disinfectant.

 If the laundry disinfectant is used frequently, it will cause some disinfectant to remain on the clothes. On the other hand, the body's resistance to bacteria will decrease in the environment of being too clean for a long time. Once the bacteria in the environment increase, it is particularly prone to illness. .

If you have been exposed to an infected patient, immediately disinfect the clothes with a disinfectant. But for the average family, it is enough to use a laundry disinfectant once a month. Underwear only needs to drop two drops to play a disinfecting role. When washing the outerwear, it is necessary to put more, about the volume of a cap. During the season change, the number of disinfectant used can be increased appropriately, and used once every 20 days.

 A special reminder is that

Clothing disinfectant at a water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius

The disinfection effect is the best.

When washing your hands, it is best to wear rubber gloves.

Prevent dry skin and peeling of hands.

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