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In the laundry, choose the washing machine, the dryer, or the washing and drying machine?

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In traditional Chinese families, the role of the balcony is to dry clothes. Under normal circumstances, there will be a hanger bar that can be lifted and lowered. People choose the balcony because the sun is good, and the second is because there is room for space. However, with the improvement of people's aesthetic concept, more and more people use the balcony as a place to relax and relax. At the same time, in order to prevent the clothes from being polluted, more people choose the dryer to replace the traditional drying method.

 If you have a washing machine and a dryer in your home, it will be a bit crowded for people living in a city with a lot of money. By grasping this pain point, all major merchants have invented a washing and drying machine that can solve The problem of washing clothes can quickly dry clothes. However, is this washing and drying machine really so useful? Can we really solve our laundry problems safely and thoroughly?

No, we all know that a coin has two sides. There is no perfect thing in this world. As a new washing and drying machine, the advantages and disadvantages coexist.

Advantages: One top two, especially in the wet plum rain season, fast drying clothes is just needed for many people, do not need to purchase other single machines, directly wash and dry, intimate and assured.

The second one is the cheap price. The price of a machine is not necessarily cheaper than the two machines. The lowest point of the Jingdong search and search and drying machine is around 2000. It costs less but has more functions. This kind of thing is always More attractive eye catching.

The third is that you can also DIY laundry. For the people in the big cities, the washing and drying machine is a gospel, which can save half of the place. One-step pipeline operation, wash and dry directly, do not need to move the clothes in the washing machine into the dryer, you can completely avoid the washing and drying mode, go out for a lap and come back directly to wear it. .

The fourth can be emergency drying, sometimes you want to wear that piece of clothing, but the clothes are still not dry, then the washing and drying machine is very important, and you can get the clothes you want to wear in minutes.

Disadvantages: time-consuming & wastewater. Washing and drying two in one has obvious consumption in time and water volume. The drying function of general washing and drying machine is based on the principle of condensation drying. This technology needs to consume a lot of water. According to some tests, About 3.5kg of clothing has to consume 35L of water, which is only the amount of water when drying, and there is no amount of water to wash clothes.

No fluff collectors. Under normal circumstances, when we wash clothes, some of the clothes will appear more or less, and the washing and drying machine will produce a lot of fluff residue when drying. If there is no fluff collector, it will easily lead to machine failure. . In recent years, with the improvement of drying technology, this problem has been continuously improved, so it is recommended that you buy a washing and drying machine with a fluff collector.

Drying is not thorough enough. After the drying and drying machine is dried, the humidity is obviously much larger than that after the dryer is dried. Some clothes that are almost the same quality are dried after the drying, and the drying of the washing and drying machine The clothes are easy to wrinkle, and the amount of clothes to be dried cannot be compared with the separate dryer. Generally, the washing machine of 8Kg clothes intelligently dries 3kg of clothes, which is not particularly ideal.

Suggestion: Buy according to your own situation. The washing and drying machine is mainly suitable for people who need light drying. The space in the home is small and the budget is not high.

The problem of machine failure is also very common. The high cost of repair does not affect the quality of the use. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a fluff collector, including a washing and drying machine with automatic cleaning function.

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