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Clothes dryer is not suitable for all clothes

source:  release time:2019-06-10   Click volume:1155

In China, clothes drying is basically dry, and there are also dryers to dry clothes. In the United States, there is news that the Americans generally don’t afford the poor people in the dryers. outside. Therefore, drying clothes outdoors will be considered a symbol of slums, thus affecting the price of the lot. Electricity consumed by electric dryers accounts for about 6% of household electricity.

The towel housekeeper could not find the market share of the electric and air dryers, but roughly thought that the two were almost not outrageous. Therefore, the electricity and gas energy used for drying clothes is almost equivalent to 10% of household electricity consumption. The average annual electricity consumption of American households is 11,000 degrees, which is quite impressive. Households without a dryer had to spend money on a common dryer to dry their clothes.

Drying clothes with a dryer can be sterilized and put on some spices. In time, the drying speed is faster than natural drying, and the space is relatively small, but not all clothes are suitable for dryer drying. Dry, such as sponge latex, rubber or similar clothing, such as shoulder pads, can not be placed in the machine to dry.

Volatile depressants are very flammable, and anti-infected organic oil or degreased clothing should not be placed in the machine for drying. Sleeping bags, down, pillows and large blankets will swell, hindering the air flow inside the machine and should not be dried by the dryer; the above content comes from the network finishing, for reference only.

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