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Clothes dryer operation process

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What is the operation procedure of the clothes dryer? Here is a brief introduction by the towel manager.

 1. Before using the dryer every day, visually or manually touch the upper and lower sides, including the upper heat exchanger air filter, the lower dander filter, and the drum.

2. Open the steam valve, then open the bypass valve for about 5-10 minutes. After the water in the pipeline and heat exchanger is drained, fully open the steam valve and close the bypass valve.

3. Turn on the main power switch, turn on the power switch inside the machine, close the door, adjust the heating time and cold air time for 1 minute, adjust the temperature to 45 °C, turn on the dryer, use the two minutes to observe the machine, including positive Reverse, whether the thermostat effectively controls the heating solenoid valve, self-stop, etc. And check the door switch.

4, the drying capacity of linen is 35% of the design capacity of the dryer, not overloaded.

5. Any substance with flammable or odor should not be placed in the dryer. No flammable or explosive substances and oxidants, acids or alkalis should be placed near the dryer.

6. During the operation of the dryer, attention should be paid to its working condition. If there is an accident, the power supply and steam source should be cut off immediately.

7. After the dryer is used every day, turn off the power switch inside the machine, check whether the motor and the transmission system are abnormal by visual or manual touch, then turn off the steam switch and turn off the main power switch.

8. The dander filter should be cleaned up frequently. Generally, the towel is cleaned once every time it is dried; the heat exchanger air filter is cleaned every 3 days.

The above is the operation procedure of the clothes dryer introduced by the technicians of the towel housekeeper, hoping to solve the problem of drying your clothes. With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, clothes dryers have become a must-have product for housewives because of their advantages of fast drying and convenient operation.

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