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Frequently asked questions about clothes dryers

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What are the common problems with the clothes dryer? The following is a brief introduction from the technicians of the towel housekeeper.

Q: How long does it take for the dryer to dry clothes?

A: I mainly look at the materials of the clothes. If it is a chiffon drying machine, it usually takes about 30 minutes. If it is cotton, it will take 45 minutes or so.

Q: How long does the dryer dry the clothes?

A: Dry clothes are usually about ten or twenty minutes, but it depends on the water absorption of the clothes. If the shirts are very eight minutes, it will take longer if the clothes are thicker.

Q: Is the clothes still dripping in the dryer?

A: Yes. In addition to the following several can be dried: 1. Wool clothing is not suitable for drying with drying machinery, because it will be deformed due to uneven shrinkage after water absorption, affecting the appearance, resulting in a decrease in fastness, wool clothing is generally suitable for dry cleaning after natural Volatile to dry. 2. Work clothes with gasoline must not be dried with a dryer because gasoline is flammable. Easy...

Q: What kind of dryer is good for the family hotel, drying clothes and quilt cover, etc...

A: It can't be dried. It doesn't mean that it can't be dehydrated. Drying is just using hot temperature to accelerate the drying process of clothes. It can only be said that clothes can't be heated after washing, because some clothes are washed after drying or sun exposure. Discoloration or fading, dehydrator drying is a clothing that may cause deformation of clothes, easily faded, such as cotton, fur clothes, if dehydrated and dried...

Can the clothes dryer be replaced by a heater?

A: It should be ok. The key is to control the temperature, as well as the reversal or shaking of the clothes. It is estimated that the efficiency is not as high as that of the dryer. It is more expensive to use the warm air. After all, it is not a professional structure designed to dry clothes.

Q: How many clothes can the dryer dry at one time?

A: The quality of the dryers used by different brands is also good or bad. There are also different clothes for different humidity and different thickness of clothes! In general, it is different. The weight of the dryer is about 10KG. Suggestion: It takes 3-5 minutes for the dryer to dry the clothes. It is recommended to dry a few more at a time. If one piece is a bit wasteful, it is more common to use electricity...

Q: Can a hundred yuan household dryer dry clothes?

A: Hello. The quality of the dryers of different brands is also good or bad. There are also different clothes for different humidity and clothes of different thicknesses! Under normal circumstances. The dryer has a load capacity of about 10KG. I wish you a happy life!

Q: Will the dryer clothes be moldy if they are baked?

A: How to maintain the clothes in the clothes of the dryer, it will be moldy. How to prevent the mold from being mildewed: 1. Before putting on the clothes, you can put a layer of newspaper underneath (because the newspaper has a strong ability to absorb moisture), and then put the clothes on it to prevent mold. 2, do not let the clothes moldy, the main thing is to start with clothes. So, put the clothes on...

Q: Is the clothes that are dried in the dryer for a long time harmful to the body?

A: Dry clothes can't be compared, natural air is dry, or clothes that are dried by direct sunlight, because the sun can kill a lot of bacteria on clothes! Good luck!

Q: The drying function of the washing machine is in use and the separate dryer...

A: There must be a difference. The individual should consume a little more power because the system principle used for drying is different. And the separate drying opportunity makes the temperature of the room rise faster (of course, the balcony is no problem, but it is hot in the bathroom). The washing machine with drying function is convenient. You can wash your clothes as you usually wash clothes...

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