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Which is better for household dryers and sun drying clothes?

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Many households in foreign countries always like to use a dryer to dry clothes when washing clothes. Domestically, it is more common in the sun to dry clothes. Many people have doubts. Is it better to use a household dryer or a sun-drying garment? In the future, household drying opportunities will not be popularized in our households. If you want to know these problems, then please continue to read them! Dryers and sun drying have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Household dryers and sun drying have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of drying with the sun:

Free, energy-saving, low-carbon, and UV-sterilized, most bacteria can be eliminated in the sun. In addition, the temperature of the sun shines relatively low and does not damage the fabric.

However, too much is limited by objective climatic conditions, and sunlight is not available for 365 days a year.

Like June and July, the south enters the rainy season, the rain is continuous, and the clothes may not dry for a week.

The advantages of the dryer:

The first is to get rid of the restrictions, no matter what the weather can dry clothes, especially the rainy season savior. And save time, how to dry naturally, how to spend a long time, drying with a dryer, a single piece of clothing takes only half an hour, large pieces can be fixed up to 2 hours.

So what about the drying effect? Some people worry about drying at high temperatures, which will damage the fabric.

Now the dryer technology is very mature, except for those hundreds of dollars of exhaust dryers that are continuously high temperature, slightly better household dryers, different temperature positions for different fabrics, can be very good Protective clothing.

Household dryer disinfection function:

In the QB/T 5132-2017 "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Antibacterial and Sterilization Functions of Household and Similar Dryers" issued in 2017, the antibacterial rate and sterilization rate of the dryer shall be not less than 99.0 respectively. % and 99.9% limit requirements.

Dried clothes can sometimes be dry, but dried clothes will be more fluffy and soft. During the drying process, some dust and dust in the air will inevitably be absorbed on the clothes, which can be avoided by using a dryer.

Moreover, sometimes the clothes washed in the washing machine are stained with a lot of hair, and the dryer has a built-in fluff filter to filter out the fluff and hair on the surface of the clothes.

Other functions of the dryer:

For example, the hot air function can heat the pajamas in the winter, and the warm pajamas can be put directly after the bath. The cold air function can remove the odor in the summer.

In terms of the drying effect, all aspects of the household dryer are stronger than the sun. The downside is that you need to pay for it and pay for it. Good things must pay the price, the key is to see that they think the value is not worth it.

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