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What is the general temperature of a household clothes dryer?

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In the rainy season, we often worry about the clothes drying out. The clothes are only a few days. At this time, it is much more convenient to have a household dryer. How does the dryer start to work?

Clothes dryer temperature

Ordinary clothes dryers are constant at around 50 degrees. Smart dryers are different.

Generally speaking, the temperature of the dryer is about 75 degrees, and it will not burn the clothes. This temperature is just right. Generally, it will not be said to increase the temperature deliberately. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the clothes.

The internal temperature of the dryer is kept at about 50 degrees during normal operation. The drying time is about 0.5 to 1 hour. In accordance with the season needs, the drying is carried out in autumn and winter and spring and summer, and the time is set by itself within 120 minutes;

Drying machine drying in autumn and winter can reach a temperature of 80 degrees, which can completely eliminate bacteria and mites in bedding.

The dryer spring and summer air supply function can drive off the remaining hot air after drying the bedding.

In general, the advantage of using a dryer to dry clothes is that it does not allow the mold to grow, nor does it allow the clothes to be contaminated by dust outside. Clothes dried in a dryer will dry faster than natural drying, but without the natural drying, can avoid cross-infection between clothes.

When drying clothes, master the correct method in order to play its role. First of all, clothes that cannot be dried with a dryer are never put in, such as wool clothes, wool-blend clothes, tight clothing, swimwear, swimming trunks, etc. Secondly, the drying time should be adjusted according to the fabric of the clothes to save electricity and Increase the drying speed; again, sort the clothes and put them into the dryer to dry, and pay attention to pull the zipper, buckle the button, fasten the bag, etc., and immediately iron the clothes after drying, so that the residue can be left The water is evenly distributed.

In short, after having a household dryer, it not only brings convenience to people, but also saves space for drying clothes, and increases the indoor activity space in disguise.

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