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99.9% of high-efficiency sterilizing dryers, is it true or false?

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In China, washing clothes is like a washing machine. In Europe and the United States, not only washing machines but also clothes dryers are needed. The dryer not only allows the clothes to dry quickly, but also has a bactericidal effect. Then someone asked, can the sterilizing and drying machine really achieve a high efficiency of 99.9%?

 Before we reach the conclusion, let's take a look at the advantages of this dryer, whether it can achieve 99.9% sterilization effect!

Dry at low temperature for 35 minutes, wear it all at once

Whether in the south or in the north, no matter how cold winters, rainy springs and summers, or cool and humid autumns, many people will face more or less, washing clothes take a long time to dry, clothes they want to wear. The problem that can't be worn right away.

The towel butler and net-speed drying clothes can easily solve this problem. In the quick-drying mode, the dryer can dry the clothes in only 35 minutes, and the dried clothes are taken out and flattened without wrinkles, which can be easily Achieve the effect of drying, drying, and wearing. In this regard, some insiders analyzed that the towel housekeeper and net speed dryer fully utilize the high-temperature airflow to flow through the surface of the clothes, thereby heating the clothes and evaporating the water on the clothes, so that the clothes can be quickly dried and easily solved. The user's drying problem.

Efficient and clean sterilization to make your life healthy and secure

For drying clothes, many people may not pay much attention to it, especially in an environment with poor air quality, drying clothes will be contaminated by pollutants such as PM2.5, which will bring hidden dangers to our health. Coupled with the frequent smog days in recent years, it has increased the trouble of drying clothes.

In the winter, the smog in the north is serious, and in the summer, the humidity in the south is relatively high, and the mold will multiply in the clothes. Many people think that these molds can be eliminated by drying and ultraviolet disinfection, but the problem is that the airborne pollutants will adhere to the clothing during the drying process, which is not healthy. In addition, if the sun is not enough, it will not solve this problem. Therefore, having a dryer that can effectively clean and sterilize has become a top priority for many families. According to industry insiders, the towel housekeeper and net speed dryer (DV90N63636W/SC) has a high efficiency of 99.9% sterilization, its high temperature clean sterilization function, through the high temperature airflow, deeper cleaning fiber fine particles, effectively remove PM2.5 And eliminate bacteria and protect our health.

60 degree low temperature drying energy saving not hurting clothes

For household clothes dryers, whether energy saving and energy saving can be achieved is also the focus of everyone's attention. The dryers currently on the market are generally classified into three types: in-line type, condensing type and heat pump type. Both the in-line type and the condensing type heat the air in the dryer by the principle of heat generation by metal, thereby taking away the moisture in the clothes. The disadvantage of these two products is that the drying temperature is relatively high, then the fabric will be damaged to a certain extent, and secondly, the direct use of the resistance wire heating will result in a relatively large power consumption.

Although the heat pump dryer is heated air and condensed water vapor, the heating process is converted to a compressor, which solves the problems of power consumption and high temperature. Simply put, this heat pump compressor absorbs heat and exotherms through the change of the state of the condensate. When applied to the dryer, the air conditioner condensing agent is pressurized at the hot air vent, and the condensing agent is solidified from the gas to the liquid. The local temperature is then heated. The condensed portion is decompressed, allowing the condensing agent to evaporate from the liquid into a gas, absorbing nearby heat, and allowing the external water vapor to solidify. Such a process can not only save a lot of power, but also dry in the relatively low air temperature between 40 and 60 ° C, which can greatly reduce the damage to clothing.

The towel housekeeper and net speed dryer with a drying capacity of 9kg is a heat pump system to circulate the heat drying clothes to achieve the effect of low temperature drying and not hurting clothes. The towel butler/net speed dryer not only saves energy, but also keeps the bright colors and fiber warmth of the clothes.

Hot air, fresh, remove odor, let you not worry about washing clothes at home

Modern young people prefer to eat hot pot, and it is also delicious to eat delicious hot pot. But after eating, it will cause an annoyance, and the clothes are all the taste of the hot pot. And this taste is more stubborn and difficult to eliminate.

Another worry is that when the clothes are changed in seasons, the clothes that have been accumulated for a long time in the cabinets have more or less odor.

These two troubles will make everyone more entangled, how to solve the tasteful clothes?

The hot air refreshing function of the towel housekeeper can completely solve this problem. Whether it is after eating hot pot or long-storing clothing, you can put it into the dryer, penetrate the clothes through the high-temperature airflow, and decompose the odor particles. Those hot pot flavors and odors can be easily eliminated!

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