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Drying principle and characteristics of clothes dryer

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Many people think that by drying and drying clothes, they are economical and environmentally friendly, and they can kill bacteria. But this is the ideal environment to achieve in good weather. The fact is that the outdoor environment pollution is very serious now, the clothes hanging outside will be attached with a lot of pollution particles, and the washed clothes will be stained. At the same time, the speed of drying is directly limited by the weather. Therefore, today, the small housekeeper will introduce you to a small household appliance - clothes dryer, mainly introduces its drying principle, performance characteristics, classification and use methods, to help you easily solve the problem of clothes drying.

 The principle of the dryer

Natural drying is affected by the weather. The normal laundry equipment and washing equipment are equipped with dryers, which can play the role of rapid drying. The dryer uses a heat source to heat the air, so that the air becomes dry hot air, and continuously contacts the moisture-containing garment, so that the moisture on the fabric gradually evaporates to achieve rapid drying.

Dryer features

1, corresponding to different clothes have different modes, you can also choose low-temperature drying to reduce damage to clothing.

2, built-in filter, the dust and debris of the clothes will be concentrated together, after drying and cleaned up.

3, the clothes and bath towels that are dried out are loose and soft, so don't worry about becoming hard.

4. Reasonable structure, low noise and easy operation.

5, with a computer controller, performance is more stable, temperature control is more accurate.

The above is the drying principle and characteristics of the clothes dryer introduced by the manager of the towel house. With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, the clothes dryer has begun to enter thousands of households due to its advantages of fast drying and convenient operation. Become a must-have product for housewives.

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