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Drying principle, functional characteristics, classification and application methods of clothes dryer

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Many people feel that after drying and drying clothes, they are economical and environmentally friendly, and they can kill bacteria. But this is the ideal environment to reach in a good climate. The fact is that the outdoor environmental pollution is very serious now, and the clothes hanging outside will be attached with many pollution particles, and the washed clothes will be stained. Together, the speed of drying is directly constrained by the climate. Therefore, today Xiaoxian.com introduces you to a small household appliance-cloth dryer. It mainly introduces its drying principle, function characteristics, classification and application methods to help you easily deal with clothes drying problems.

The principle of the dryer

Natural drying is affected by the climate. The normal laundry equipment and washing equipment are equipped with dryers, which can play the role of rapid drying. The dryer uses a heat source to heat the air, which turns the air into dry air, and continuously touches the water-containing garment, so that the moisture on the fabric gradually evaporates and reaches the purpose of rapid drying.

Dryer features

1. Corresponding to different clothes with different modes, it is also possible to select low-temperature drying to reduce damage to clothes.

2, built-in filter, the dust and crumbs of the clothes will be concentrated together, the drying can be completely removed.

3, the clothes and bath towels that are dried out are loose and soft, so don't worry about becoming hard.

4. Reasonable structure, low noise and easy operation.

5, there is a computer controller, the function is more stable, the temperature control is more accurate.

Dryer classification

1. According to the structure, the dryers that can be bought now are mainly divided into split type and washing and drying integrated type.

Before you buy, you should first look at your actual situation. The split type is more efficient. You can dry more clothes at a time, suitable for a house with a large balcony or bathroom.

Wash and dry one

The washing and drying integrated look and feel is that the washing machine and the dryer are combined into one type. Although the space is saved, the drying capacity is generally lower than the washing capacity, and it is only suitable for drying a small amount of clothes. The biggest problem with washing and drying is that it will cause secondary pollution. During the drying process, the filter screen is not dried, and dust and dust from the clothes cannot be discharged. Along with the general washing and drying machine, the maximum acceptable amount of drying is only half of the significant component accepted by the laundry mode.

So if your home is not big, and you don't have to wash a lot of clothes at a time, it is more appropriate to buy and wash one, and wear them with you. If the local is suitable and maybe you like to wash a lot of clothes and wash one at a time, then just buy a dryer is more suitable for you, and the dryer can generally lie on the drum washing machine.

2, in the operation principle, can be divided into exhaust type, condensing type and heat pump type drying.

The exhaust type dryer is mainly to exhaust water, and the water vapor is discharged. The advantage is that the price is low, and it can be taken home as long as one thousand faces.

At present, the price of the condensing dryer on the market is about 5,000. The principle is that the air is heated to hot air after passing through the heater, the hot air passes through the clothes and becomes wet and cold air, and the moist cold air separates the water vapor through the condensing system to become dry and cold air. The dry cold air passes through the heater again and turns into hot air through the clothes, so that the period of the clothes is continuously taken away. No need for an exhaust pipe, there is a water storage box. The condensing drying temperature is lower than that of the venting type, and the wrinkle and care are better.

The heat pump dryers on the market are all over 8,000, which is an upgraded version of the condensing type. Basically, it is also a type of condensation. The heat pump system can wonderfully recover the heat generated during the drying process, without heating the heating tube, thereby reducing energy waste. Since no heating pipe can heat, the temperature is usually around 60 degrees, and high temperature damage does not occur. Simply put, the heat pump type has high energy efficiency, low power consumption, and can be 50-70 percent more energy efficient than condensation. Together, because the drying temperature can be lower than the conventional condensing type, the effect of protecting clothes exceeds that of conventional condensing.

Dryer operating procedures

1. Before using the dryer every day, it should be visually or manually touched by the upper and lower sides, including the upper heat exchanger air filter, the lower dander filter, and the drum.

2. Open the steam valve, then open the bypass valve for about 5-10 minutes. After the water in the pipeline and heat exchanger is drained, fully open the steam valve and close the bypass valve.

3. Turn on the main power switch, turn on the power switch inside, turn on the machine door, adjust the heating time and the cool air moment for 1 minute, adjust the temperature to 45 °C, open the dryer, use the two minutes to observe the machine condition. It includes positive rotation, whether the thermostat effectively controls the heating solenoid valve, and stops automatically. And look at the door switch.

4, the drying capacity of linen is 35% of the planned capacity of the dryer, no overload.

5. Any substance with flammable or odor should not be placed in the dryer. No flammable or explosive substances and oxidants, acids and alkalis should be placed in the vicinity of the dryer.

6. During the operation of the dryer, attention should be paid to the operation status. If there is an accident, the power supply and steam source should be blocked immediately.

7. The dryer is used every day, close the power switch inside the machine, visually or manually touch to see if the motor and transmission system are abnormal, then close the steam switch and close the main power switch.

8, the dander filter should be diligently arranged, generally one towel per drying one time; heat exchanger air filter is arranged every 3 days.

The above is the drying principle, function characteristics, classification and application methods of the clothes dryer introduced by the towel manager. I hope to handle the problem of drying your clothes. With the gradual progress of people's quality of life, clothes dryers, because of their fast drying and convenient operation, have begun to enter thousands of households and become essential products for housewives.

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