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2019-05-20How long does it take to dry clothes in the dryer?

How much can the drum dryer temperature reach? In the rainy season, clothes are often wet. To solve this problem, a dryer is needed.

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2019-05-05Frequently asked questions about clothes dryers

What are the common problems with the clothes dryer? The following is a brief introduction from the technicians of the towel housekeeper.

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2019-04-30Which is better for household dryers and sun drying clothes?

Many households in foreign countries always like to use a dryer to dry clothes when washing clothes. Domestically, it is more common in the sun to dry clothes. Many people have doubts. Is it better to use a household dryer or a sun-drying garment? In the future, household drying opportunities will not be popularized in our households. If you want to know these problems, then please continue to read them! Dryers and sun drying have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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2019-04-09What is the general temperature of a household clothes dryer?

In the rainy season, we often worry about the clothes drying out. The clothes are only a few days. At this time, it is much more convenient to have a household dryer. How does the dryer start to work?

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2019-04-0399.9% of high-efficiency sterilizing dryers, is it true or false?

In China, washing clothes is like a washing machine. In Europe and the United States, not only washing machines but also clothes dryers are needed. The dryer not only allows the clothes to dry quickly, but also has a bactericidal effect. Then someone asked, can the sterilizing and drying machine really achieve a high efficiency of 99.9%?

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2019-04-03Sterilization dryer purchase skills

Winter clothes are too thick, and it is especially difficult to wash. I think everyone has experienced this situation. If it is rainy, the clothes may have to be dried for more than a week to be completely dry, and it may cause the clothes to become mildewed. Dry clothes so that this problem can be solved very well. Today we will come together to find out how the dryer can be purchased to get a practical sterilization dryer.

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