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Introduction to the function design of intelligent clothing disinfection care machine

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The home smart clothing care machine is a professional clothing care that combines wrinkle removal, odor removal, hypoallergenic and gentle drying.

1. When carrying out laundry care, release steam, which can make the steam particles at the optimal anti-allergic temperature, deep into the deep layer of clothing fibers, dissolve allergens; internal deodorizing filter is equipped with activated carbon, coupled with magic steam particles can be adsorbed Odor factor

2. In the interior design of the home smart clothing care machine, in addition to the mobile hangers, hat hangers and multi-functional partitions are designed for hats and sweaters that cannot be hung, and all kinds of clothes can find their own storage. The location is also designed to have left and right door opening adjustments, and the space placement is more flexible;

3. This equipment not only keeps you away from the odor, but also saves time to wash your clothes to accompany your family or work; easy to wrinkle, reducing the time you need to iron clothes or run a clothing care store; you don't have to change clothes every day. Reduce the loss of clothing and ensure that the clothes are fresh and tidy.

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