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How to wash underwear underwear | underwear disinfection machine

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Underwears are our close-fitting clothing, which is the most need for clean parts. However, how to clean underwear can play a role in protecting our health? Perhaps many people think that with a little detergent, wash it, no pollution is OK. In fact, in addition to some secretions, in the underwear, how many stains? Cleaning the underwear, the main thing is to play a bactericidal role, in order to better protect your private parts. The following small series will tell you how to wash your underwear and wear it.
How to wash underwear underwear

1, change every day to save
Working women are nervous and have heavy household chores. In order to save time, many people buy back more than a dozen underwears at a time. When they are not ready to wash every day, they will accumulate and wait for the weekend to wash together. "This is not advisable. Although you change your underwear every day, if you don't wash it in time, the secretions on your underwear will continue to grow bacteria at room temperature. It will not be easy to clean after a long time." Li Hongzhu suggested that the underwear must be cleaned. Do the same day to change the same day.

2, soap  3-5 minutes
Some women often wash their underwear in a hurry, sometimes even soap does not hit. In this regard, Zhu Lan believes that the underwear is still washed with soap, the two major pathogens commonly used in gynecology - mold and trichomoniasis can be killed by the alkaline environment of the soap. Juran reminds that the use of ordinary soap can play this role, there is no need to use the "underwear cleaning liquid" to clean. For the time of washing, Li Hongzhu believes that it is best to take a good soap and then simmer for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the bacteria to fully contact the soap.

3, rinse clean
After the cockroaches are finished, be sure to rinse thoroughly in the running water and wash the soap foam thoroughly. Li Hongzhu explained that the vagina of women is an acidic environment, the secretions are also acidic, and the soap is alkaline. When washing, the acid and alkali contact to form salt. If it is not washed out in time, the time will be long, and the underwear will be hard, not Good for health.

4, do not wash with socks

Some women are accustomed to mixing underwear, socks, and autumn clothes that are replaced every day with washing machines. In this regard, Zhao Xiuyun believes that underwear should be cleaned separately. On the human foot, molds and other germs can be produced. If the socks and underwear are mixed together, the mold may be contaminated on the underwear. In addition, the underwear of family members should be cleaned separately and should not be mixed together.

5, the inflammation period, the underwear should be boiled with boiling water
The towel housekeeper recommends wearing cotton underwear for women with mold or trichomonas vaginitis. After washing, it should be placed in boiling water for a hot, or directly boiled, so that the bacteria can be completely removed.

6, dried in the sun
Drying of the underwear is very important. Experts have emphasized that the washed underwear must be dried in the sun. Ultraviolet rays can kill the above bacteria and are very beneficial to health. If you can't get the sun, you should not dry it in a damp bathroom. It should be hung in a ventilated place such as a balcony.

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