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Towel dryer manufacturers tell you how to use towels

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How to use the towel:

1. Towels must be reserved for special use. The number of towels used per person per day should be 4-5. It is divided into face washing, foot washing, bathing and daily personal maintenance of small towels, while women also need to add a personal sanitary napkin.

2. Pay attention to the hygiene of towels, do diligent washing, diligent cooking, diligent drying, and disinfect the towels once a week. Do not hang wet towels in unventilated toilets because bacteria and viruses last longer in wet towels and the rate of reproduction increases geometrically.

3. Everything has a lifespan. Home textile experts believe that the service life of towels is generally 1-2 months. After the use period, the towels are dirty and hard, which will endanger health and become a new source of pollution.

4. When purchasing towel products, you should choose carefully and don't want to be cheap. Many low-priced towels look very beautiful and feel good, but they are actually made from waste raw materials and inferior chemical dyes. Some chemical dyes also contain phenylamine carcinogens. People taking such towels to wash their faces is like washing their faces with industrial waste water, which can seriously damage the skin and endanger health.

5. The difference between qualified towels and fake towels: The quality of the qualified towels is fluffy, soft to the touch, and the production is fine and has good moisture absorption, heat insulation and heat resistance. Fake inferior towels are easy to pilling, colorless, non-breathable, and not very absorbent.

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