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How to disinfect the washing machine _ clothes dryer

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The environment inside the washing machine is very humid, and after a few days of inactivity, a lot of mold will be produced. The longer you use it, the more chances you have inside the mold. After a washing machine has been used for a long time, if it is not cleaned in time, the water will suddenly appear and the rinse will not be clean.

Over time, it will cause pollution to the clothes to be washed next time. If people use a mold washing machine for a long time to wash clothes, it may cause cross infection and cause various skin diseases.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent mold is to wash the clothes and not cover the washing machine.

The washing machine should be protected against fungal spores: the number of fungal spores in the fully automatic washing machine is more than that of the semi-automatic washing machine. Therefore, after washing the clothes, the water in the washing machine should be drained in time, and the lid should be opened to conditionally use the disinfection cabinet or the clothes disinfectant; the underwear is best to be washed by hand.

Washing machine to descale

The washing machine looks very clean, but you don't know that there is an outer sleeve on the outside of the washing tub when washing. The washing water enters and exits in the middle of the two layers, and the water is discharged in the interlayer. If the washing tub is pulled out At first glance, you must be scared, because the dirt inside the mezzanine is very serious!

The washing machine is actually like a sewer. Its dirt is mainly composed of scale, laundry detergent, fiber, organic matter, dust, bacteria and other garbage. These hodgepods are firmly attached to the washing machine interlayer, and are propagated and fermented at room temperature. It will contaminate the clothes and bring them to the human body, which may even cause skin irritation.

When cleaning, pour the water of the three kettles with a detergent (commercially available) into an empty container, and mix according to the ratio of detergent/water = l/2 and mix well. Pour the mixed detergent solution from the detergent supply box, taking care not to splash on the skin. Then press the washing machine power switch, set the program to the “laundry program” (the longest time selection), and rotate the washing tub; after the descaling liquid is discharged from the drain pipe into the bucket, the discharged descaling liquid is washed from the washing machine. The agent addition box is added, and this is repeated several times until the program is finished running, and the filter is opened to clean the filter.

After the machine has finished running, open the inlet valve and return the drain to its original position. Re-select the laundry program to make the washing machine run again. After the program is finished running, clean the filter again. At this point, the descaling is completed.

However, due to the action of the descaling liquid, the surface of the washing machine drum will be slightly dark, but it will not affect the normal use. After washing the clothes several times, it can be restored to its original state.

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