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Dryers are divided into civilian clothes dryers and industrial dryers

source:Dryers are divided into civilian clothes dryers and industrial dryers  release time:2018-10-02   Click volume:1542

The dryer can be divided into industrial and civilian. The industrial dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer. The civil clothes dryer is one of the washing machines. It is generally used to remove clothing and other textiles after water is eluted. Moisture in the water.
       Under the suction of the fan, the fresh cold air outside is directly exchanged with the heater through the air inlet to become dry hot air, and then exchanges heat with the tumbling clothes in the drum and is discharged to the body. In the clothes, the water gradually evaporates and dries under the action of dry hot air. Since the evaporation of moisture in the laundry requires absorption and consumption of heat energy, the exhaust air temperature of the clothes dryer gradually increases as the moisture in the laundry decreases. The main problem is that the heater is exposed to heat and the heat dissipation of the casing is large, and the steam pressure fluctuation has a great influence on the energy consumption.

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