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[Underwear Sterilization Machine Manufacturer] How to choose underwear for women

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There are a lot of women who choose casual underwear with a casual attitude. A suitable pair of underwear is very helpful for women's health. Women should choose underwear according to their physiological characteristics. The following rules must be followed.

1. Do not choose too tight underwear, this is the same as choosing an adjustable bra. The underwear is too tight, it is easy to cause friction with the reproductive organs, and it is easy to cause infection of the urinary system.

2. Don't choose dark underwear. This is because women can usually judge whether they have gynecological diseases from their own leucorrhea color. Once they choose dark underwear, it is not easy to find leucorrhea, which will delay the disease.

3. Also like the choice of adjustable bra, usually the chemical fiber underwear is not suitable, because the chemical fiber permeability and moisture absorption are very poor, not air, resulting in inflammation.

4. Thongs should not be worn often. Although wearing a thong will be very sexy, but the lower rope is easy to rub with the private parts of the skin, resulting in redness, ulceration and so on. Therefore, choose cotton underwear if not necessary.

5. When women choose underwear, it is best to choose white or light color, comfortable fit, the material is cotton underwear. This is the most comfortable state to wear.

6. The trousers are separated from the usual period during the physiological period. It is best not to wear underwear that is worn during menstruation. Because the glue behind the sanitary napkin will affect the health of women. Just like tearing off the tape from the glass, the paper, or the cloth, there is still a layer of sticky glue left on it. It is difficult to remove the adhesive. When the sanitary napkin is torn off, the adhesive of the sanitary napkin will also remain in the underwear. The inside.

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