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How to disinfect underwear? Women must know

source:Underwear disinfection machine  release time:2018-07-11   Click volume:2033

    In contrast, women's underwear has a greater impact on health, so women have to disinfect their underwear regularly, such as boiled with boiling water, or even boiled directly, and others use steaming methods. disinfection.

1. Hot water.

        After the underwear is washed, boil the water for ten to twenty minutes, and put it in a ventilated place or in the sun to dry. I basically operate according to this method, and each time before and after washing. But on a rainy day, it is quite a headache. The underwear is not dry for a long time. I am worried that there will be new molds in the process. In addition, it has been reported that the underwear needs to be exposed to sunlight for 6 hours to achieve the purpose of sterilization. I am afraid that it is difficult for people living in the city to have such conditions, at least our family is.

2. Boiled. It is also a common method of disinfection. But I have never tried it because I have never bought a pot.

3. Soak the disinfectant. I just tried it, forgot which brand it was, and then gave up, because I found that there is no inhibition on Candida in its description. Moreover, the disinfectant itself is a chemical product. If the underwear is not cleaned, it is easy to damage the skin. Sisters should pay attention.

4. Microwave disinfection. I just tried it today, "very miserable." I specially bought a large plastic microwave oven box, put on the underwear that had not been dried for a day, put on the lid, and left the air hole (according to the experience of a JJ on the Internet), the fire was turned for 5 minutes. The result - the underwear is dry, but also burnt, the pants are partially stretched, and the worst is the box - the bottom is perforated. I don't know if the fire is not mastered, or the box is wrong.

5. UV lamp disinfection. Do not dare to try, fearing the risk of injury to the eyes and skin.

6. Drying. It should be most suitable for rainy days, especially during the rainy season, but I don't know what tools are right.

7. High temperature steam sterilization. High-temperature steam is the safest and most convenient, and there is no danger of ultraviolet light and disinfectant. However, it is better to use high-temperature cotton underwear. Other materials may wrinkle and deform, but the choice of underwear is also preferred to choose light-colored cotton. High-temperature steam is generally not available with boiling water. I use the towel rack that will be disinfected on the market. It has been completely 30 minutes, and it is quite good.

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