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What should be paid attention to when drying the clothes in the dryer?

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Whether it's using a dryer directly or a combination washer-dryer, the most important thing is to sort the clothes, we should classify the clothes according to the type of fabric. Note that the back of the garment has labels indicating the materials of the garment and the recommended cleaning methods. These labels provide important information and restrictions on the drying and cleaning process of the garment. The simplest, for example, the color should be cleaned and dried separately in shades of color. In addition, the following clothes should not be dried in the dryer:

Clothing that is not suitable for drying:

1. Non-breathable fabrics, such as rubber-treated clothing, raincoats, and rubber-made clothing.

2. Fine fabrics, such as silk, synthetic fabric curtains.

Things to pay attention to when drying clothes:

1. The drying basket can only be used to dry wool fabrics or fabrics with high wool content.

2. Use the Short Program in the time program to dry, and the timing of drying different fabrics is different.

The principle of using dryer to dry clothes:

1. According to the type of clothes and drying procedures, the clothes can be classified to facilitate the drying time.

2. Please pull up the zipper, buckle the button, buckle the metal ring, fasten the strap and so on.

3. Do not dry the clothes repeatedly, as this may wrinkle your clothes and hang them after drying to allow the clothes to dry naturally.

4. Do not iron the clothes immediately after drying them, hang them for a while, then iron them, so that the residual moisture will spread evenly.

5. Knitted fabrics, such as shirts, knitted underwear, etc., may shrink during the first drying. Do not choose the Very Dry/Extra Dry program.

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