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2019-03-27Drying principle, functional characteristics, classification and application methods of clothes dryer

Many people feel that after drying and drying clothes, they are economical and environmentally friendly, and they can kill bacteria. But this is the ideal environment to reach in a good climate. The fact is that the outdoor environmental pollution is very serious now, and the clothes hanging outside will be attached with many pollution particles, and the washed clothes will be stained. Together, the speed of drying is directly constrained by the climate. Therefore, today Xiaoxian.com introduces you to a small household appliance-cloth dryer. It mainly introduces its drying principle, function characteristics, classification and application methods to help you easily deal with clothes drying problems.

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2018-12-04How to properly clean underwear - underwear sterilization machine

For lazy people, washing clothes is quite a nuisance. They always put on a large bowl of dirty clothes and throw them into the washing machine together. This really saves time and power, but the health risks brought by it can not be ignored. 5 mistakes in washing underwear 1. Washing underwear with washing machine Many people may think that washing machine is your good helper, look at the following data: "According to the investigation, 60.2% of the molds detected in the inner tank of the washing machine, of which nearly 80% of the baby's skin problems are related to improper handling of the clothes." The washing machine is an entrance between bacteria and our body. And underwear, as a protective umbrella for breasts and private parts, if you wash in such a "high pollution" environment, I am afraid that it will be more and more "dirty"! There is no suspense, washing the underwear with a washing machine has become the biggest minefield for home cleaning underwear. Some friends may say that it would be nice to add a laundry bag. This statement is also wrong. The role of the laundry bag is to protect the clothes from entanglement, abrasion, deformation, etc., but it does not protect the underwear from "contamination."

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2018-11-20What is the impact of the towel dryer efficiency?

The greater the heat power of the heater, the more heat energy is generated per unit time, and the easier it is to dry the clothes. The most common heating methods for the dryer are electric heating, steam heating, and gas heating.

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2018-11-13Clothes dryer use precautions

Dryer is the main equipment for drying wet materials. Under normal circumstances, heat transfer is required through high temperature to reduce the water content in the material. However, because of the high temperature, the dryer is generally a safety hazard.

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2018-11-06Towel dryer manufacturers tell you how to use towels

Towels must be used exclusively for special purposes. The number of towels used per person per day should be 4-5. It is divided into face washing, foot washing, bathing and daily personal maintenance of small towels, while women also need to add a personal sanitary napkin.

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2018-10-30Commonly used disinfectant use distinction _ underwear disinfection machine

84 Disinfectant 84 Disinfectant is a highly effective disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite. The main component is sodium hypochlorite, colorless or light yellow liquid, and the effective chlorine content is 5.5%-6.5%. It is widely used in sanitation and disinfection of hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industries, homes, etc., and has a pungent odor.

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