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2019-04-23What should be paid attention to when drying the clothes in the dryer?

Whether it's using a dryer directly or a combination washer-dryer, the most important thing is to sort the clothes, we should classify the clothes according to the type of fabric. Note that the back of the garment has labels indicating the materials of the garment and the recommended cleaning methods.

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2019-04-09What is the general temperature of a household clothes dryer?

In the rainy season, we often worry about the clothes drying out. The clothes are only a few days. At this time, it is much more convenient to have a household dryer. How does the dryer start to work?

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2019-04-09Have experienced the dryer, who wants to dry the clothes on the balcony?

When it comes to the new thing of the dryer, many people may feel that they are not feeling the first impression, or even instinctively resist. Why is the dryer super popular in foreign countries, but the Chinese people don't have a big cold? Before answering, Xiao Bian first takes everyone to see what happened to Michelle. It is easy to find the dryer. It is rainy and humid in the south and cold in the winter. If the clothes are hanging on the balcony, it may not be dry for a day or two. With the dryer, after washing the clothes and throwing them in, it will dry out in a few hours, and you don't have to worry about wrinkles. Comfortable fluffy feel, but better than the hard and hard feel of drying."

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2019-04-0399.9% of high-efficiency sterilizing dryers, is it true or false?

In China, washing clothes is like a washing machine. In Europe and the United States, not only washing machines but also clothes dryers are needed. The dryer not only allows the clothes to dry quickly, but also has a bactericidal effect. Then someone asked, can the sterilizing and drying machine really achieve a high efficiency of 99.9%?

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2019-04-03Sterilization dryer purchase skills

Winter clothes are too thick, and it is especially difficult to wash. I think everyone has experienced this situation. If it is rainy, the clothes may have to be dried for more than a week to be completely dry, and it may cause the clothes to become mildewed. Dry clothes so that this problem can be solved very well. Today we will come together to find out how the dryer can be purchased to get a practical sterilization dryer.

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2019-03-29Drying principle and characteristics of clothes dryer

Many people think that by drying and drying clothes, they are economical and environmentally friendly, and they can kill bacteria. But this is the ideal environment to achieve in good weather. The fact is that the outdoor environment pollution is very serious now, the clothes hanging outside will be attached with a lot of pollution particles, and the washed clothes will be stained. At the same time, the speed of drying is directly limited by the weather. Therefore, today, the small housekeeper will introduce you to a small household appliance - clothes dryer, mainly introduces its drying principle, performance characteristics, classification and use methods, to help you easily solve the problem of clothes drying.

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