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2019-05-25Clothes dryer operation process

What is the operation procedure of the clothes dryer? Here is a brief introduction by the towel manager.

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2019-05-20How long does it take to dry clothes in the dryer?

How much can the drum dryer temperature reach? In the rainy season, clothes are often wet. To solve this problem, a dryer is needed.

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2019-05-15What should I do if the clothes dryer is broken?

Clothes dryers are also commonly used appliances, which can be used for a long time and occasionally may malfunction. What are the common faults of the clothes dryer? How to repair it? Let’s introduce the technicians of the towel manager.

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2019-05-10How to maintain the clothes dryer, what are the methods?

How to maintain the dryer If the dryer often fails, it is necessary to think whether it is not properly maintained. And the towel manager's Xiaobian together to get the clothes dryer maintenance strategy

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2019-05-05Frequently asked questions about clothes dryers

What are the common problems with the clothes dryer? The following is a brief introduction from the technicians of the towel housekeeper.

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2019-04-30Which is better for household dryers and sun drying clothes?

Many households in foreign countries always like to use a dryer to dry clothes when washing clothes. Domestically, it is more common in the sun to dry clothes. Many people have doubts. Is it better to use a household dryer or a sun-drying garment? In the future, household drying opportunities will not be popularized in our households. If you want to know these problems, then please continue to read them! Dryers and sun drying have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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