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2019-06-30In the laundry, choose the washing machine, the dryer, or the washing and drying machine?

In traditional Chinese families, the role of the balcony is to dry clothes. Under normal circumstances, there will be a hanger bar that can be lifted and lowered. People choose the balcony because the sun is good, and the second is because there is room for space. However, with the improvement of people's aesthetic concept, more and more people use the balcony as a place to relax and relax. At the same time, in order to prevent the clothes from being polluted, more people choose the dryer to replace the traditional drying method.

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2019-06-24The clothes dryer is creatively designed to make your clothes dry and wearable.

The creative design of the clothes dryer makes your clothes dry and well-dressed, and it is undoubtedly required to be washed and dried. However, if you want clothes to dry, a good dryer is indispensable. It is in the south windy day, rainy weather. The following concept industrial design for everyone to share the creative design of two clothes dryer, to ensure that your clothes are dry and good to wear, let's take a look!

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2019-06-17What should be paid attention to when drying the clothes in the dryer?

What should you pay attention to when drying the clothes in the dryer? Whether it is directly using the dryer or a combination washer-dryer, the most important thing is to classify the clothes. We should classify the clothes according to the type of cloth. Note that the back of the garment has labels indicating the materials of the garment and the recommended cleaning methods. These labels provide important information and restrictions on the drying and cleaning process of the garment. The simplest, for example, the color should be cleaned and dried separately in shades of color. In addition, the following clothes should not be dried in the dryer:

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2019-06-05The development of drying equipment should also pay attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy.

China's industry has achieved unprecedented development. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the dryer industry developed in depth, and the 18th National Congress also painted an ideal blueprint for the dryer. The year 2013 is the year in which the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is fully implemented. It is also a crucial year for achieving the goal of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the rapid development of the dryer industry. We must continue to adhere to the general tone of "stable and progress" and make new progress in solving outstanding problems such as "unbalanced, uncoordinated, unsustainable" development, and strive for the development of the dryer industry to be fast, good and fast.

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2019-06-10Clothes dryer is not suitable for all clothes

In China, clothes drying is basically dry, and there are also dryers to dry clothes. In the United States, there is news that the Americans generally don’t afford the poor people in the dryers. outside. Therefore, drying clothes outdoors will be considered a symbol of slums, thus affecting the price of the lot. Electricity consumed by electric dryers accounts for about 6% of household electricity. The towel housekeeper could not find the market share of the electric and air dryers, but roughly thought that the two were almost not outrageous. Therefore, the electricity and gas energy used for drying clothes is almost equivalent to 10% of household electricity consumption. The average annual electricity consumption of American households is 11,000 degrees, which is quite impressive. Households without a dryer had to spend money on a common dryer to dry their clothes.

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2019-05-30What are the characteristics of the clothes dryer?

What are the characteristics of the clothes dryer? The following is a brief introduction by the technicians of the towel housekeeper.

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